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Musical Play for Your Child's Developing Body and Brain

Babies, Toddlers and Preschool classes are offered at three locations: ​

  • Ewa Beach Church of the Nazarene - Tuesday mornings

  • Nu‘uanu at Honolulu Nazarene Church - Saturday mornings

Baby Classes
Toddler Classes
Preschool Classes

Music Play for Babies

This course introduces parents to many ways to play musically with their babies--from bouncing and dancing to swaying and peekaboo games. Build self-regulation and early language skills through movement and song. You will receive a musical kit and a variety of activities to embed into your daily routines at home.

Music Play for Toddlers

Recent studies have shown that pandemic-born toddlers are at a higher risk for language delays. Connect with other toddlers and parents. Learn songs, rhythms, dances, and rhyming activities to expand talking and listening skills. You will also receive simple, strategic tips for helping late talkers speak. A kit of musical instruments and a variety of activities will be included with the course.

Pre-School Music and Movement

We will engage your child in dance, song, rhymes, and movement activities that will develop their singing, verbal, and listening skills. This course will also include literacy activities, such as storytelling, and lots of movement activities to build self-regulation and coordination.

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Message from HEARTS Director Pamela DeBoard, PhD


This fall we are offering new music classes for babies (0-17 months), toddlers (18-36 months), and preschoolers (3-5 years). Created in collaboration with my daughter, Elise DeBoard, a Birth to 12th Grade Reading Specialist (MA, Columbia University-Teachers College), these weekly classes are more than a music class! Parents will learn how to help their young children talk, sing, move, and get ready to read! Most parents intrinsically know that music is beneficial for young children–it engages the brain and improves memory and listening skills, it soothes and delights, and it supports speech and language acquisition. Yet many parents don’t know how to embed musical play into their daily routines.


These music classes are designed to empower parents with a take-home toolkit of music instruments and activity cards, so that parents leave each class with simple activities to use at home. Researchers have already determined that many pandemic-born babies and toddlers need extra language and literacy support. Twenty minutes of musical play every day can make all the difference!


Babies, Toddlers and Preschool classes are offered at three locations: 

  • Kailua Church of the Nazarene - Tuesday mornings

  • Ewa Beach Church of the Nazarene - Thursday mornings

  • Nu‘uanu at Honolulu Nazarene Church - Saturday mornings

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