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Parent Theresa Greaney writes:

“...Thanks to Pam, the world of music is now open for my children, and their lives have been forever changed...we’re uneducated when it comes to music. I would not have sought music lessons for my children because my impression was it would be expensive...I didn’t understand the value of it...Thanks to HEARTS, I now understand the value of music education, I realize what was passing for music instruction in my daughter’s public elementary school—playing a CD of holiday or Hawaiian songs and having kids learn the lyrics and general tune to perform—was a poor substitute for what a real music teacher can provide. Pam inspired my daughters to practice their singing at home, and when I hear them singing songs in English, Hawaiian, Latin and other languages, it’s very gratifying...the quality of the instruction at HEARTS is unparalleled.”

One parent writes in a recent letter:


“I will always remember the joy expressed by seniors at Pohai Nani after one of the HEARTS concerts where the children sang what my daughter called an “old timey song” that the seniors clearly remembered from their younger years. The seniors also participated with gusto when they were invited to rise and sing the final song of the night, Aloha ‘Oe.”

University of Hawaiʻi’s Director of Choral Activities Miguel Angel Felipe wrote to Dr. DeBoard after last year’s Spring Concert:

  “…I watched the show constantly amazed by the level of preparation, skill, artistry, poise, confidence, and professionalism of our keiki... The longer I call Hawaii home, the more I realize how very urgent it is that we provide the very best education possible for our youth. Arts education, as you well know, is scarce and the quality is low. Add to that scarce financial resources and limited understanding of the work ethic required for such quality, I can’t fathom how you achieve this success… and at a level on par with some of the country’s best youth choirs…The mentorship you offer our young adults is obviously impacting performers and teachers as they step into adulthood. The work you do to execute life-changing, international tours also shapes young minds for the better. And the effort committed to offering college scholarships to graduating HEARTS kids brought tears to my eyes...I left the theater last weekend full of joy, optimism, energy and hope.”

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